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Clubs at BJS

Tai Kwon Do

The School works with the Dildar academy which is a Taekwondo Martial Arts School specialising in WTF discipline. Our children have participated in many competitions, recently bring home gold and silver med. See https://www.facebook.com/DildarTaekwondo


Shakespeare club is available to Years 5 and 6. Every child is able to audition with a cast of around 30 children selected. Children of all abilities are able to perform. Children have performed at Wimbledon Theatre and Richmond Theatre. The club is run in conjunction with the Shakespeare Schools Foundation. Children have in the past performed as part of the festivals run by the Schools Shakespeare Festival.


Latin clubs are open to all year groups and are run by Mr Madden. Each year group has an end of year trip to celebrate their year’s hard work. Year 4 goes to Lullingstone villa, Year 5 goes to St Alban’s Roman museum and year 6 goes to Vindolanda. Year 3 it will be the first year they do Latin and it will start in the summer term. BJS Latin students have been invited to City Hall in the past to meet the then Mayor


Arabic club runs on Fridays giving children a chance to learn another language or to explore than own language in greater detail. Children are rewarded for their efforts with end or year celebrations in assembly.

Boys Football

Football clubs runs all year round and are available to all children from Year 3 up to Year 6. Children learn new skills each week and finish with fun small sided games. Various Borough wide competitions are entered each year leading to opportunities for both Boys and Girls to represent the school.

Girls Football

Football clubs runs all year round and are available to all children from Year 3 up to Year 6. Children learn new skills each week and finish with fun small sided games. Various Borough wide competitions are entered each year leading to opportunities for both Boys and Girls to represent the school.


Clubs are run for both boys and girls and are available throughout the school year. Children focus on the 4 key principles of cricket such as bowling, batting, fielding and wicket keeping. Children have an opportunity to represent the school in borough and London based competitions.


Whitagu is a cross between Badminton and Table Tennis and is a new sport that has been developed in South Korea. Children play using a racket in each hand and alternating hands to play shots. This builds up their co-ordination as well as teaching set movement patterns. One of UK’s first tournaments was held at BJS


Throughout Athletics club, children learn the fundamental skills of throwing, jumping and running. Clubs run in Autumn and Summer term leading to opportunities in representing the school in Borough wide competition.

Irish Dance

This group is made up of both boys and girls from years 3, 4 and 5. The dance is comprised of children dancing in hard and soft shoes. The music the children are dancing to is a traditional Irish Slip Jig. It has the same bars as that of an Irish reel.

Street Dance

Each year we audition for our street dance crew “Eximius.” Children who show potential at auditions are selected for the crew and train every Wednesday. We work on street dance technique, developing freestyle skills and create a competition piece which is performed at various events over the course of the year. Last year Eximius placed 3rd place at the Great Big Dance London heats and 4th in the National finals. See http://www.elevateartsuk.co.uk

Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance after school club on Wednesday’s introduces contemporary dance technique to children through a termly theme. Children are encouraged and guided to explore their creativity using a range of concepts and choreographic devices. We work together to create our dance piece. Last year children from contemporary dance club competed at the Great Big Dance Off. See http://www.elevateartsuk.co.uk


Climbing club is run on Thursday morning leaving school at 7.30am to travel to Westway Sports Centre. While there the children learn how to belay and climb up to 14m high. They follow the NICAS scheme of work which allows them to gain nationally accredited levels in climbing. Each May half term the climbing squad go to climb a mountain in Snowdonia and practice outdoor traditional climbing.



Knitting is a great way to encourage creativity, concentration, relaxation and even improves children numeracy, literacy, fine and gross motor skills. In our after school knitting club, we are taught different types of knitting techniques. Throughout the academic year, we will be designing and knitting our own scarves, ear-warmers, snoods and fingerless gloves.


Reading clubs run through the school day, before and after as well. Reading for pleasure is a key focus and so there are a multitude of places to read, obtain a variety of excellent books. Our soft start in the mornings allows children to come straight into class and grab a good book and read. More recently BJS has purchased an online Reading resource which can be accessed from home too.


Tennis is available autumn and summer term and is run by a level 4 tennis coach Mahmuda Jeffrey. Children work on the fundamental skills of tennis each week with a key focus on understanding the layout and gameplay of tennis. Children take part from year 4, year 5 and year 6. Children Are selected to take part in borough finals each year. See www.OnTheBallTennis.co.uk


Netball club runs throughout the summer and autumn for years 5 and 6. Children learn the key skills of passing, shooting, spatial awareness, with small sided games with the focus on defending and attacking phases. Opportunities are available to represent the school in local festivals and borough wide competition.


Multi Skills clubs are run for years 3 and 4 throughout autumn and spring terms. Throughout the club, children focus on various sports such as Football, Netball, Basketball, Tchouckball, Tennis, Volleyball and Climbing etc. Children are also selected to attend various Multi skills festivals held throughout the borough.

Tai Chi

Tai chi

Tai Chi is available to the whole school, through an external coach Master Tony Ulatowski. Its key focus is on animal play using tai chi principles. The classes look to encourage physical literacy, body confidence and Mental health and wellbeing. Within Years 5 and 6 children are encouraged to learn the group form routines with competitive fixed and moving step competition. Children represent the school in UK and national competition. Master Tony Ulatowski www.tonyulatowski.com


Year 5 children during the Autumn term take part in a 5-week, level 2 Bikeability course. Throughout the course they learn bike handling skills in the playground and on-road cycling skills. At the end of the course to achieve the level 2 certificate children must show a competence in using the roads to cycle.


Children in year 5 have the opportunity to take part in LAMDA where they practice reciting poems and performing them. This will then lead to an external exam which is taken in front of the LAMDA panel. They will then be given a grade and certificate. It is a great skill to help with presentations and public speaking.

Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors have responsibility of ensuring our school is eco-friendly and that we are adhering to the eco code as well as ensuring we follow the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Singing Club

Singing club is run by Miss Cory and Mr. Phillips and meets on Thursday lunchtime. Singing encourages students to express their emotions and sharpens their ability to communicate. Learning to work together in a group or choir gives students a sense of collectiveness.


Gymnastics is run on Mondays by Move A Muscle. The class focuses on giving children strength, flexibility, co-ordination and an understanding of how the body moves. Children are able to progress through different moves showing their level of difficulty at each stage. At the end of each term there is a prize giving for students based on the behaviour and attendance.

Tag Rugby

Children took part in Tag Ruby throughout the autumn term. They learnt various skills such as Passing, running with the ball, tagging and ways to beat a defender. These lead to small sided games in practice and a select team to represent the school in borough wide competition.


Computer club was setup so children could get more hands on knowledge on coding. Why code….What makes a good code? The aim has been to give children the opportunity to use technology in ways that they might not be able to during their regular computing lessons in class.

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