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Admissions to BJS

Admissions to BJS

The local education authority is responsible for deciding and administering the admissions policy for this school. Parents have a right to express a preference for the school they wish their child to attend.

If a child lives in the catchment area for this school, he or she will have priority for a place.

If there are more children living in the catchment area than there are places, the authority will allocate places on the basis of the following criteria; in order of priority. The same criteria will be used to allocate any vacancies remaining after all the catchment area children have been accommodated.

  1. Brother or sister at the school
  2. Brother or sister at the school on the same site [if applicable]
  3. Exceptional medical circumstances relating to the child
  4. Exceptional personal circumstances
  5. Ease of access to the school [measured by the nearest safe walking distance]

More detailed information on the Authority’s admission arrangements are contained in the booklet Information to Parents about Choosing a School available to download here. This is a large .pdf file and may not be visible of some platforms.

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