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A few useful facts for parents

At Berrymede the core values we hold dear and strive to instil in our children are:

Curiosity, Creativity, Care, Inspiration and Happiness

Our Values

Our inclusive school vision nurtures and values the natural curiosity in our children. We provide a stimulating environment to encourage and develop children’s creativity and provide the foundations for them to achieve their potential and become responsible citizens who can make a difference in the world.

It’s important to us that our children show care for one another through their words and actions, where inspiration is around every corner and happiness sits at the heart of the whole school community.

What are the Expectations Concerning my Child’s Behaviour

Children are expected to be responsible, caring and polite at all times, and to show consideration for everyone who shares the school environment. We aim for self-discipline from the children and class rules are devised with the children and displayed in the classroom. If there are any problems we will explain to the child why we are concerned, and they will be disciplined accordingly. A Behaviour Policy in line with National guidelines has been agreed. Although pupils typically behave very well in the school and on visits, there may be isolated cases of behaviour, which do not meet our high standards. These are dealt with by the school, in partnership with parents. We do rely heavily on parental cooperation in supporting the standards and principles we aim to teach.


Our assemblies are very much related to developing in the children a sense of community respect for others and the caring attitudes and moral values, which underpin the Christian traditions, and those of the major World religions. Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from assemblies. If you would like to discuss this, or any aspect of our assemblies, please contact the school.

Charging Policy

Under the terms of 1988 Education Reform Act schools are unable to demand payment for activities, which take place during school hours. Unfortunately, the majority of schools are unable to fund outings or activities. It is therefore necessary to ask for a voluntary contribution from parents/guardians towards the cost of the activity/outing. No child will be denied the opportunity to take part if the parent/guardian does not contribute but if insufficient contributions are received then the outing/activity will be cancelled.

Mobile Telephones

Children are asked not to bring mobile phones into school. If, in very exceptional circumstances, a child does need to have a mobile phone in school, it must be handed into the school office at the start of the day and can be returned when the child leaves at 3.15pm.

Lost Property

Items are kept in the school office. All valuable items must be handed to the Head Teacher or Deputy Head and locked in the school office. Items, which have names on, can be returned quickly to their owners. Difficulties occur when items are left unnamed.


Newsletters are sent out regularly to parents/guardians. They provide information of forthcoming events and happenings in the school. Please keep them in a safe place for reference. At the beginning of each term class teachers will send out their own newsletter informing parents and carers of the work being covered during the coming term, often with reminders about regular routines such as PE times etc.

Parental Help

We are always grateful for offers of help from parents/guardians. Many parents help within the school in a variety of ways – listening to children reading. Helping with craft activities, covering books, repairing equipment etc. A list of parents who have offered to help is kept in the staff room. It is updated regularly. Please give your name in to the office if you find you have some time to spare on a regular basis. This will be subject to CRB check.

Visiting the School

Open evenings are held termly. The Autumn meeting gives parents/guardians the opportunity to meet their child’s new teacher and to learn something about the planned programmes for the year. The Spring meeting gives an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. The optional Summer meeting provides an opportunity to discuss your child’s report. Parents/guardians are always welcome to consult with the class teacher or the Head Teacher. To avoid disappointment please telephone the school for an appointment.


A written report on each child is issued to all parents/guardians in July, before the end of year Open Evening. Parents are invited to comment both verbally and in writing on this report. A copy of the report and the parental comment is kept in the children records.


The school has a homework policy and homework for all year groups is encouraged. Teachers will send home spelling and tables to learn or ask the children to do some research at home. It is very beneficial if children take home books to read on a daily basis. If your child is absent from school for a long time thought illness, please see your child’s teacher so that suitable work can be arranged for you to take home.

Transfer to Secondary School

At the end of year 6 the pupils transfer to Secondary Education. During the autumn term year 6 parents are asked to state preferences for Secondary schools. The Borough issues details of arrangements and all Secondary school hold open evening so that interested parents can visit before making their choices. Secondary transfer meetings are also held at the local secondary schools for parents of children in year 6.

Complaints Procedure

The school welcomes dialogue with parents on any issues of concern. Appointments may be made with members of staff through the school office. It is hoped that complaints should not be necessary. However, if they arise, we ask that you contact the Deputy or Head Teacher in the first instance.

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