Singapore Maths

Introduction to Singapore Maths
15 Jan 2015

Berrymede Junior School is embarking on a journey to revolutionise the way in which maths is...

Singapore Maths Video 1 - Fundamental Idea
15 Jan 2015

Dr Yeap talks about one of the fundamental ideas in mathematics: that items can only be counted...

Singapore Maths Video 2 - Number Bonds
15 Jan 2015

Dr Yeap explains how young children can use concrete materials and later use pictorial...

Singapore Maths Video 3 - Subtraction
15 Jan 2015

Dr Yeap explains how standard column subtraction can be taught meaningfully by using children's...

Singapore Maths Video 4 - Mental Calculations
15 Jan 2015

Dr Yeap discusses how children can develop an ability to calculate the four operations (addition...


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