BJS Council

BJS School Council meets regularly with Miss Cory to discuss and action ways to ensure our school is a happy, vibrant place where everyone has the right to contribute.

BJS Reading Ambassadors & Librarians

BJS School Librarians ensure our 2 school libraries are kept tidy and functional. They are involved in Reading projects across the school. The School Reading Ambassadors also ensure Class Libraries and reading areas are vibrant and orderly.

BJS Prefects

BJS School Prefects. Our senior school prefects have the responsibility of ensuring that all children are safe during movement between and within our very large school sites.

BJS Student Leaders

BJS Student Leaders. We are very proud of our Head Girl, Head Boy. They are key representatives of our school and meet with delegates from all over the world. Our Sports Ambassadors have represented our school at many prestigious locations.

BJS: Sustainability & The Environment

BJS whole school Environment & Sustainability Focus: building an Insect House in our Eco Garden in collaboration with Touch Wood Trees; working in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society to develop our green areas; planting a variety of apple trees from HRH Prince’s Trust; appreciating the beauty of Nature.

BJS Travel Ambassadors

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors were awarded certificates from Deputy Mayor Councillor, Dr A. Gulaid, for highlighting the importance of walking, scooting and cycling while having fun and remaining safe, a precursor to Road Safety Week in November.

Chinede Delegation Visit to BJS

We were extremely happy to welcome our annual delegation of staff and students from Yu Xin School in Beijing. Their 3 day visit was spent sharing knowledge and skills with BJS students. Last year almost 100 delegates visited!

Mrs Lamb Visits Yu Xin School in Beijing

Mrs Lamb made a reciprocal visit to our partner school in Beijing, China. The warm welcome and wonderful hospitality, history, art and sport made it a visit to remember.

Friendship Gift from Yu Xin School to BJS

Berrymede has been linked to Yu Xin School, Beijing for over 5 years, with many exchange visits. We were extremely honoured to be presented with a beautiful tapestry put together by staff and children from Yu Xin. It hangs with great pride in our North Hall

Anti-bullying Week

As preparation for anti-bullying week year 5 had the opportunity to work with the Box Clever theatre group this morning on the play ‘Mark and the Marked.’