CyberMentors Successfully complete their Training

Twenty four students from years 5 and 6 completed their training as Cybermentors. Staff from Greenford High School delivered the intensive course and were delighted with the enthusiasm our pupils displayed. The children will be supporting their peers across the school to ensure everyone is safe and happy.

Charity at Berrymede – PJ Day

Pyjama day at Berrymede raised over £266 for Children in Need. Well done to Ms Cory for organising the event where staff and pupils alike arrived sleepy eyed in slippers, pyjamas and bath robes.. We are pleased to say they managed to stay awake until home time! A further £250 was raised for Breast Cancer, well done Miss Becky for organising!

British Values at BJS

British Values are aligned with UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Agenda and our PSHE curriculum. Pupils study the importance of the key elements and how adhering to these ideas creates a safe and happy community.

Berrymede Choir Turn on Acton Gardens Christmas Lights

Special thanks to Ms Lericke for preparing our school choir. Children performed at the turning on of the Christmas lights for Acton Gardens. This was followed by face painting and wreath making. A tremendous thank you to all staff and parents who supported the event.

BJS Boys Football Team

Berrymede FC. Meet our star football players – the A Team. We look forward to their accomplishments this year. Mr Burlow has initiated a tough training schedule!

BJS Cyber Mentors

Cybermentors. Students from years 5/6 have been selected for their maturity and high level of emotional literacy to ensure our Rights Respecting ethos is supported.

BJS Eco Council

Meet our Eco Council, they meet regularly with the Deputy Head, Mrs Patel to look at ways of conserving energy and reducing waste across the school.

BJS Girls Football Team

Berrymede FC, our Girls Football Team. We are very proud of our girls who are under the same tough training regime as the boy’s team. Mr Burlow makes no exceptions!

Shakespeare at BJS

The Berrymede tradition of Shakespeare continued with Julius Caesar, performed at the Wimbledon Theatre to a delighted audience in July 2018. This summer we look forward to a production of ‘Macbeth.’

BJS Latin Club Residential

Our annual Latin Club residential trip to Vindolanda Roman Village in Lullingstone where children re-enacted scenes from a Roman village and walked along Hadrian’s’ wall ending in the iconic Sycamore Gap.