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Berrymede welcome back Japanese friends
23 Sep 2016

Year 5 were treated to a fantastic treat when we were recently visited by some guests from Japan. We were taught about different games and culture in Japan. Each class were taught how to play Karuta (a Japanese card where you have to match the picture to the clue.

Visitors from Japan
30 Sep 2015

Berrymede saysこんにちは

Globetrotting Mascot goes to Canada
09 Jan 2014
Berrymede mascot goes to Canada

What an exciting Christmas for the school mascot who was lucky enough to fly to Vancouver in Canada! During the Christmas break we went to visit the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Tribute to Nelson Mandela
08 Jan 2014

As the world mourns and celebrates at the same time, the passing on of a great leader, pupils at Berrymede felt compelled to say a few words…..

Berrymede Mascot in Saudi
08 Jan 2014

Our Berrymede Bear was busy travelling in Poland at the time I went to perform my Hajj during the month of October in 2013, but luckily his Saudi cousin Abdul Raouf (also known as Ralf) was able to travel with me!


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