Year 5 visits Parliament
20 Jan 2016

Some year 5 students recently visited Parliament for an quiz on healthy eating. It was a great experience in which Berrymede came up against two other schools. We were joined by Helen Skelton, who was formerly on Blue Peter and some local MPs who supported us in the quiz.

Year 5 visits the British Museum
04 Dec 2015

Year 5 students went on a visit to the British Museum as part of their study of Ancient Egypt. Students were in awe as they came in close contact with the Rosetta stone, paintings and carvings containing hieroglyphs, coffins, sarcophagi, canopic jars and a 5000 year old sand dried mummy.

Year 5 visits Neasden Temple
04 Dec 2015

In year 5 we have been learning about Hinduism. We therefore went on a trip to the Hindu temple in Neasden to learn more about this religion. When we arrived, we got a chance to watch a video which explained how the temple was constructed.

Berrymede goes to Parliament
27 Nov 2015

On Wednesday 18th November, we were invited to The Houses of Parliament. We were given a guided tour of the House of Lords and learnt lots of really interesting facts! After lunch we took part in a cookery workshop with the Kids Cookery School.

WE Day visit Berrymede
24 Nov 2015

Last week WE Day and the charity Free the Children visited Berrymede.  They gave an assembly about how we can become greater global citizens and inspired us to make some decisions about how we can change the world.


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