Staffing 2017-18

Current Teaching Responsibilities 2017-2018

Mrs L Khan Head Teacher: Health & Safety, Community Liaison, Child Protection, Performance Management, Assemblies, INSET, Local Leader of Education, NPQH Mentor, Behaviour.
Mrs N Patel Deputy Head Teacher: Inclusion, Assessment, CPD/INSET, NQT/TF Mentor, Staff Appraisal, Curriculum, Parental Engagement, Assemblies, CP.
Mr S Cotton Assistant Head: Educational Visits, CPD, Behaviour, Pupil Voice, NQT/TF Mentor, PSCHE, PE, CP.
Mrs F Tahirkheli SENCo
Mrs T Bennett Child Protection Lead/Project Improvement Officer
Year 6
Miss P Anderson Year 6 Teacher,  Science, Head of Year 6.
Mr N Jeffs Year 6 Teacher, Writing/Drama
Miss R Carroll Year 6 Teacher, RE/Philosophy
Miss A Young Year 6 Teacher, DT
Year 5
Miss S Henry Year 5 Teacher, Head of Year 5
Mrs J Cotton Year 5 Teacher, Humanities
Mr J MacLeod Year 5 Teacher
Miss S Conroy Year 5 Teacher, Art
Year 4
Ms R Palmer Year 4 Teacher, Head of Year 4, MAG&T
Mr M Craze Year 4 Teacher, Maths
Mr O Phillips Year 4 Teacher
Miss L Deely Year 4 Teacher
Year 3
Mrs C Lamb Year 3 Teacher, Reading, Head of Year 3
Miss J Cory Year 3 Teacher, School Council
Mrs G Mangat Year 3 Teacher, PSHE
Mr C Burlow PE Specialist/Sport
Mr T Khan Computing Teacher & Technical Support
Mrs F Shahin French Teacher (part time)
Mr J Madden Latin (Volunteer)

Non-Teaching Staff Current Roles and Responsibilities

Mrs Fitkin School Business Manager
Miss K Herron (PFA) Administrator
Miss I Mahmoud (PFA) Parent Support Advisor
Mr A Khsn Marketing/Graphic Designer
Pastoral Support Team/Teaching Assistants:  
Mrs S Devi (HLTA) Bilingual Support
Mrs L Mills (PFA) Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr M Gavin (PFA) Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Relief Site Manager
Mrs K Clarke-Maxim (PFA) Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Ahmed Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Lukawska-Gazowska(PFA) Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss R Mills Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr M McDonald (PFA)) Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Shahin Learning Support Assistant
Miss D Todd (PFA) Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Periera Learning Support Assistant
Ms F Franka (PFA) Learning Support Assistant
Mr H Khan (PFA) Learning Support Assistant
Mr K Jelidi (PFA) Learning Support Assistant

Site Manager

Mr A Mills


Ms C Bashford Senior SMSA (PFA)
Mrs D Boateng (PFA)
Ms S Marshall (PFA)
Mrs A Butt (PFA)
Mr M Gavin (PFA)
Mrs N Franka (PFA)
Mr Jelidi (PFA)
Ms N Hassain (PFA)
Ms H Hassan (PFA)
Ms Z Ahmed (PFA)
Ms N Shutsova (PFA)
Ms N Jama (PFA)

The majority of our support staff are First Aid trained. Key staff have Paediatric First Aid Training


Mrs Pandya; Ms N Shutsova; Ms S Marshall; Ms J Vidal; Ms C Bashford; Mrs T Gavin
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