Joining the Featherstone School Sports Partnership.

This will allow staff access key training and development opportunities. The school will be able to link with national initiatives and programs likes the Change for Life Scheme, become an affiliated member of the Youth Sport Trust and pilot programs for the School Games. The children will have access to a wide range of level 2 inter school competitions which leads into level 3 competition and have the opportunity to show case their ability to become leaders in the sporting field. The school will also be supported by a member of the SSP to implement new Real PE schemes of work into year 3, develop staff teaching, monitor child progress, evaluate the schools use of government funding and plan targets for the school to succeed this academic year.


Continued development of Outdoor Adventurous Activities and Healthy break times and combat levels of obesity.

We have decided this year to carry on with the success and development of Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA), maintaining our successful links with Westway climbing and the British Mountaineering Council (BMC). These links will support children in having an active break and lunch time as well as providing opportunities to show perseverance and self-motivated learning.

To achieve this, the school has upgraded its traversing walls from last year’s successful links with Westway. To ensure the walls continued use the school will have the routes reset every term and have the walls covered with math’s grids and current street art. Children will be tested on the level of route that they can climb to track their progress. On top of this the school also is able to offer more children access to the Westway facility as teachers have trained to become coaches. This year again training will be available to staff who would like to explore climbing. Children will also have access to local and national competitions in bouldering and climbing.


To encourage children to try new activities and increase club participation.

This year we will be working with the School of Korean Martial Arts again to offer Whitagu to all year 3 children and run a club for the year 5/6 children after 2 years of successful tournaments. Staff will also have the opportunity to train to be Whitagu coaches through observing lessons and attending courses; Hapkido will again be offered as an after school club and the school will be hosting inter school Hapkido tournaments.

On the success and interest of the schools dance group over last 2 years the school will continue to hire a specialist dance teacher to come in and run a dance club all year in a lunch time. Every child will have the chance to audition for the squad. When the squad is chosen they will practice for local and National competitions.

This year the school has the opportunity to link with a Tai Chi company that has a proven track record of succeeding in primary schools. Our plan is to offer a club to years 5 and 6 that will then lead in to a national competition during the summer term. Alongside this we aim to run another session for children who have been identified as requiring more support in the physical performance to ensure that they have full access to the PE curriculum. All of the children’s progress will be monitored and evaluated to ensure that the children and the school are receiving the correct support.

Hockey is a sport that the school excelled in last year reaching the borough finals and having Ealing hockey club come during National School Sports Week and give every child the chance to explore what hockey means for children of their age. The school is investing in a coach to create a link between the school and Chiswick Hockey Club this link will consist of a club for year 5 and 6 children which will build them up to the Featherstone Finals. This will also allow teachers to shadow and learn the skills of coaching hockey.

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