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Berrymede Achieves RRSA Level 1!

Congratulations Berrymede! We have successfully attained UNICEF UK Level 1 for our Rights Respecting school work.  Well done to our students, Miss Hill, our staff, parents and Governors for a combined effort to embed the RRSA principles across the school.

After an intense morning of inspection, the External Moderator stated that, “It is clear that the UNICEF Rights, Respecting core values are embedded across the school, I have no hesitation in endorsing the Level 1 accreditation and encouraging the school to build upon the core values and proceed to Level 2.”  Well done Berrymede!

Berrymede's ethos is centred around our school Behaviour Policy which promotes Rights, Respect and Responsibility across the whole school community.

The Rights Respecting Schools Award was established by Unicef and reflects our school's journey to gain recognition for the policies and practices already firmly embedded within the Berrymede community. Through assemblies, displays and the curriculum, the children are learning about our human rights – and the impact of being denied our human rights.

In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), we place a high value on children’s rights being respected but also teach them that with respect for their rights there must be an acceptance of their responsibilities to others and, to facilitate this, encourage our children to become aware of their responsibilities to others.

“A Rights Respecting School not only teaches about children and human rights, but also models right and respect in all its relationships: Teacher/adult – pupils; pupils – teacher/adults, pupils – pupils.”

Staff and other adults in school:

  • to be aware of, understand and support the policies and procedures that help our school run smoothly
  • to model the behaviour and actions expected of our children
  • to be appropriately organised for the task they are here to do
  • to ensure that they are aware of specific needs and requirements of children in their care
  • to ensure that everyone is safe and secure within the school environment and on educational visits

How the adults in our school teach positive behaviour

We help children to be enthusiastic and focussed about learning by:

  • Providing high quality learning and varied experiences in a stimulating environment
  •  Promoting a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Recognising and rewarding positive behaviour and achievements
  • Displaying children’s work in a variety of ways and celebrating their achievement
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