Ofsted Interim Assessment May 2011


Dear Parent

Berrymede Junior School: Ofsted’s interim assessment 101866 I am pleased to provide some important information about Berrymede Junior School.

As you may know, during its last inspection in June 2008, Ofsted inspectors judged your child’s school to be outstanding. The 2011 Education Bill proposes that, from January 2012, schools that were previously judged to be outstanding will not be subject to routine inspection unless concerns are raised about their performance.

To help decide whether we need to inspect an outstanding school, Her Majesty’s Inspectors look at various sources of information, as listed below. This is called an ‘interim assessment’.

The results of the interim assessment In carrying out the interim assessment, we considered the following:

  • pupils’ academic performance
  • pupils’ attendance
  • any inspection visits carried out by Ofsted since the last routine inspection
  • qualifying complaints1 about the school by parents or carers
  • any other significant concerns brought to Ofsted’s attention.

I am pleased to inform you that our interim assessment indicates performance has been sustained and that we will not be inspecting your school unless we receive further information that raises concerns. We will continue to undertake annual assessments of the school’s performance.

I wish everyone involved in the school continued success in the future.

Yours sincerely

Christine Gilbert

To view the full ofsted report please visit the Ofsted link.

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