Ofsted Inspection 21-22 January 2015

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a good school.

Pupils achieve well. Over time, they make at least good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.

Attainment is on an upward path with pupils in Year 6 on track to attain at least in line with others nationally this year.

Disadvantaged pupils achieve very well over time.

The vast majority of pupils have excellent attitudes to learning and are keen to do well. They take great pride in their achievements.

Pupils conduct themselves well at different times of the day. They are mature and polite, showing respect for others and for the school environment.

Leaders are ambitious for pupils and set challenging targets for their achievement. They are goodrole models for staff and pupils in their conduct and courtesy.

The headeacher is extremely well regarded by the local community and contributes effectively to improvements in other schools.

Staff are wholly committed to leaders’ ambitions and they are proud to work at the school.

British values of tolerance, democracy and the rule of law are very well promoted. Pupils fully understand the consequences of their actions.

Leaders’ checks on the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement ensure that previous strong performance has been built upon.

Pupils who join the school other than at usual times settle very well into school life.

Parents speak highly of the school and of staff. Leaders engage extremely well with parents.

Pupils feel safe and are effectively helped to keep safe and secure. They recognise that staff take great care of them.

Pupils achieve exceptionally well in sport and have excellent opportunities to develop interests outside the classroom. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is extremely well promoted.

Governors have a good understanding of the school. They ask searching questions of leaders, holding staff to account for pupils’ achievement well and tackling under-performance where necessary.

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