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Berrymede Junior School embarked on a journey to reach new levels of international achievements and to share the good work we do here with the rest of the world. Last year Ms Khan, Mr Jeffs, Ms Johnston and Miss Hill all travelled to China to visit a school and spend time working with the teachers and children to share valuable practices of education. We were lucky enough to meet lots of excited children who wanted to share their work in the classrooms. We took lots of gifts from London and work from the children at Berrymede, which were greatly appreciated.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from some Egyptians teachers who helped bring a new dimension to our already successful International Day. The teachers came to spend some time with us to share ideas and form plans for our future Connecting Classrooms project.

Mrs Khan is spreading the word about Berrymede as well. Last year she went to visit many schools in South Africa and in February 2011 Mrs Khan travelled to Thailand to meet some children and teachers in a school we will be working with. She bought back some beautiful cards that the children made to introduce themselves to our school. Since her return, Year 6 were busy replying to the children and making cards which were sent to them.

Also in February, Miss Hill went to visit some teachers at a school in Istanbul, Turkey. She took work made by children from each year in Berrymede. The purpose of the visit was to form links and make relationships with many teachers and children from Turkey, which is only the beginning of a much larger European project – watch this space!

As International Schools Co-ordinator, I believe it is important for children to understand other cultures, values and traditions in the increasingly global world that we all share. Collaborative international projects can also help to break down barriers and bring children, teachers and parents across the world together.

Our wonderfully multi-cultural school, Berrymede Junior School, celebrates diversity, and international partnerships give us the opportunity to share our values in a positive and fun way.

Kathryn Hill

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