Governing Board Roles and Responsibilities

Chair of Governing Board Dr G Leversha
Vice Chair Dr J Stern
Members Mrs S Jukes, Mrs V Gorna, Mrs D Boateng, Cllr M Sabiers, Miss J Brar, Ms N Dickens, Mrs L Khan
Clerk Mrs R Gavin

The clerk is responsible for ensuring that the GBs work is well organised and lawful, providing administrative services, giving advice on GB legislation and attending full GB meetings and selected subcommittee meetings.

Finance, Premises and Health & Safety subcommittee

Chair: Ms S Jukes
Minutes: Mrs R Gavin
Dr G Leversha; Mrs V Gorna; Dr J Stern; Mrs L Khan; Mr J Crutchley; Ms S Loughe

Personnel subcommittee

Chair: Dr G Leversha
Minutes: Mrs S Jukes
Dr J Stern; Mrs V Gorna; Mrs L Khan

Curriculum subcommittee

Chair: Mrs N Patel
Minutes: Mrs S Jukes/Mrs R Gavin
Dr G Leversha; Dr J Stern; Mrs V Gorna; Mrs L Khan;  Miss J Brar

Staff Disciplinary subcommittee

Dr G Leversha; Mrs V Gorna; Dr J Stern; Mrs S Jukes

Special roles and Responsibilities

Literacy: Ms S Jukes
Mathematics: Dr G Leversha
Science: Dr G Leversha
Humanities – Geography, History, RE: Dr J Stern & Miss J Brar
P.E.: Ms S Loughe
Computing: Mr J Crutchley
Art: Vacant
PSHE: Ms S Loughe
Languages: Dr J Stern (French)
Finance: Mr J Crutchley
Health and Safety: Mrs D Boateng;
Link (LEA) Cllr M Sabiers;
Parental Links: Ms N Dickens
Community Liaison: Vacant
SEN/Looked after Children Mrs S Jukes
Child Protection & Safeguarding: Mrs S Jukes
Wellbeing: Dr J Stern;
Reading Mrs S Jukes

Register of Governors' Business Interests

The register of the Governors' Business interests is available to view via a .pdf file. To access this please click here.

Register of Governors' attendance

Governors Area

You may access the Governors' Area by visiting this page - Governors Area.

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