Medical Care


We have first aid trained staff throughout the school who are available during the day to attend to children who become ill or have an accident.

If children are ill, it is considered important for every effort to be made for a sick child to return home. Parents are asked to provide a daytime telephone number so that they can be contacted if necessary. If this is not possible, please provide a daytime telephone number for a relative or neighbour, who can be called in an emergency.

Accessability Audit Report - Autumn 2016

An access audit is a measure of how well an environment and method of service delivery meets the needs of its users. It is also a process through which potential barriers to access may be identified and recorded alongside suggested improvements in a way that enables people responsible for a site, building or service to move on to the next step of planning and implementing change. In order to ensure all members of the school community, including visitors to the school are able to fully access the environment, we regularly carry out an audit. To view the complete report, please click here.

Administration of Medicines

Medicines can only be administered under certain circumstances, i.e. case of chronic or long-term illness, such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy, and in cases where children are recovering from short-term illnesses and are well enough to return to school but are still taking medication.

It is preferable that parents should administer medicines. However, here are times when it may be difficult and the Head Teacher, acting in loco parentis, will arrange for the administration of medicine. In these rare circumstances you will need to fill in a medication form available from the school office.

Hospital and Clinic Appointment

Children are not allowed to leave the premises during school hours without written/and permission from the parent. If your child has an appointment during school hours, please let school know in advance. Parents should collect their child for such an appointment only at the school office.

School Nurse

The school nurse, Dawn Barclay, is based at Acton Health Clinic. If you need to contact her to discuss your child’s health the telephone number is 0208 992 5303.

The Education Social Worker

Mrs Lucinda Poole is the Education Social Worker attached to Berrymede Junior. She visits the school regularly and monitors the registers for persistent lateness and absence. The Education Social Worker can be contacted on: 0208 825 5000.

Child Protection

The Local Authority in conjunction with the Area Child Protection Committee [Police, Social Services, Health and Education] lay down procedures that all schools have to follow in the case of suspected child abuse. A copy of the Child Protection Handbook is available in school.

Asthma UK

We are asthma friendly, supported by Asthma UK. Certified February 2011 and valid until February 2013.

For more information about Asthma UK visit Asthma UK Website.

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