Schools are now required to report unauthorised absences annually to the Department of Education and also the on pupils’ reports. The percentage of half days missed through Authorised absences for 2012/13 is 2.3%. The unauthorised absence was 0.3%. The following points are important to note:

  1. Absences can only be approved in the cases of sickness, medical appointment and religious observance days.
  2. Children must NOT take holidays in term time.  Penalties can be enforced by the Local Authorities.
  3. A note from parents must support all absences and a note must support telephone calls.
  4. Absences from school without a valid reason, or for which no explanation has been provided, is treated as an unauthorised absence.
  5. Children who arrive after the registers are closed [20 minutes after the start of the session] and fail to provide an adequate explanation will be counted as an unauthorised absence.
  6. Children collected late will be subject to a late fee of £5.00 per every 15 minutes (this includes after school activities).

No children should be on the school premises before 8.40am as there is no one to supervise them, unless they are active members of the breakfast club.  Children should leave promptly at 3.15pm, unless they are attending a supervised activity.  The school cannot accept responsibility for children after these times.  If your child is absent from school for a long time through illness, please see your child’s teacher so that suitable work can be arranged for you to take home.

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