Accelerated Learning Programme


Berrymede Junior has invested in the Accelerated Reading Programme for children. Our aim is to motivate pupils of all ages and abilities to read more and better books. We wish to raise literacy standards amongst all our pupils. Children have access from school and home at any time providing they have internet access.

As parents you can register your child’s reading, the number of tests children have accessed and passed.

As parents you will be key in encouraging your child to read and enjoy books.

Please click on the link for further details - Accelerated Learning

We have also developed a certification award for those children who show commitment and perseverance in reading and comprehension under the Accelerated Reading Programme.  Those children will receive a personal certificate, an example of which can be seen above.

We have constructed a guide to improve pupils' success in the Accelerated Reader quizzes.  For more details, please follow the Quiz Success link.

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