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Curiosity, Creativity, Care, Inspiration & Happiness

The Berrymede Curriculum and The Harmony Project

A direct outcome of the pandemic has prompted us to reflect and think carefully about the world in which have lived and the world as we want in the future. 

We have embraced the vision of HRH The Prince of Wales;​Version below  the Harmony Project enables schools to develop a curriculum inspired by nature.   The project explores how applying the principles of nature, for example, Interdependence and Adaptation, can enable us to make better, sustainable choices in the way we choose to live.

I am pleased to report that Berrymede Infants have also begun the journey towards a nature inspired curriculum.  It is incredible just how aware even our little ones are about the importance of a healthy planet. 

There is much research connecting wellbeing, increase in educational attainment and resilience with time spent interacting with nature and outdoor learning. Nature groups are continuing to appeal to Government to reassess ‘how we socialise, work and learn’ and make outdoor learning a regular part of the curriculum.  

Harmony in Education | A New Way of Teaching and Learning (theharmonyproject.org.uk)

History of the School

Berrymede Junior School is a 2 form, mixed school for 7 to 11 year old pupils; however we are very excited that we will be amalgamating with our sister infant school over the course of the coming year.  There has been a school on this site for over a hundred years; we have a tremendous history dating back to 1880.


We have developed over time a nature garden and numerous growing spaces managed by our pupils with support from Cultivate London.  We boast four halls including a purpose built gymnasium with a unique Bouldering Climbing wall, Badminton and Witagu courts and much more…. 

The outside areas are equipped with 2 outdoor gyms, table tennis, and external bouldering walls with cricket nets soon to be added and much more….

Dedicated Languages room (Latin, Mandarin, and French) Arts/Craft, and music rooms and much more…..

School Hours

School starts at: 8.50am to 11.45am (am session) – 12.45pm to 3.15pm (pm session).

We operate a soft start encouraging children to go straight to their classrooms to participate in ‘Reading for Pleasure.’

Extra – Curricular Activities

We have a tremendous range of clubs and activities (link) to keep our pupils fit, healthy and inspired, most recently we have achieved funding to take our children to Thailand and China yet again – watch this space!

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