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Science at Berrymede

Our science curriculum is designed with a focus on enquiry and practical learning. We want children to be inspired, proactive and resilient in their learning as well as to be able to make the essential link between science and everyday life in the world around them. Working Scientifically, The Five Types of Enquiry and Harmony are woven into the curriculum and are key in helping instill these qualities in order to develop sharp scientific minds.



Children are taught to search for answers to questions using the Five Enquiry Types. These have been carefully planned across the curriculum to ensure children have even and progressive exposure to these fundamental scientific methods. This also enables children to work on a wide range of practical activities and explore different physical resources and environments.

Working Scientifically:

Through use of child friendly targets, children are now more aware of the essential skills scientists need to build in order to work scientifically. Students will strive to check these targets off in their books throughout lower and upper school and the exploration of the five enquiry types helps them cover these progressively.

Practical Resources:

Berrymede provides excellent physical resources for use with all types of enquiry. Resources are organized according to topic and with easy accessibility, teachers and students utilize them regularly. The resources are organized according to the SCORE essential science resource list for primary schools and is updated yearly.

As well as concrete resources Berrymede has its own allotment that is used for planting and growing. We also have a garden that is used to explore living things and their habitats.


For each topic there is an overarching Harmony question that links to one of the principles of Harmony which links pupil learning to the real world enabling deeper and sustained learning. This encourages curiosity in our students and promotes thinking about important scientific questions.

Targets & Vocabulary:

As well as the ‘Working Scientifically’ targets, each topic has a target sheet that will be referred to by teachers and children to ensure progression is monitored and assessed.

Target sheets will include key vocabulary for the topic and children will be expected to refer to these during each lesson as developing good scientific language and reasoning are essential.


When children leave Berrymede, they will:

  • Have embedded fundamental conceptual knowledge of Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • Have an understanding of how science connects to the wider world and everyday life
  • Be naturally inquisitive and be able to ask relevant and important questions about the world around them
  • Have a wide scientific vocabulary and be able to explain and reason in a scientifically manner
  • Children will have enquiry strategies and skills to go about answering important questions having experienced ‘Working Scientifically’ development and the Five Types of Enquiry.

Understand the importance the future of the natural world and human impact on it

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