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Reading at Berrymede

At the heart of our curriculum we aim for our pupils to:

  • Develop a deep, life-long love of reading, enjoying a diverse range of genres
  • Have a passion for exploring a wide range of vocabulary
  • Become proficient, fluent readers who can read to a high standard
  • Comprehend what they read, make inferences and ask questions
  • Experience a wide range of texts both fiction and non-fiction which reflect the world we live in


We do this by creating a culture of reading for pleasure across the school.   Each classroom has a dedicated, welcoming, themed reading corner with a rich variety of fiction and non-fiction texts at different levels.  Reading corners also display peer to peer book recommendations.

At Berrymede, reading and writing are integrally linked and taught through a selection of rich, quality texts, experience of Shakespeare and drama to develop oracy and confidence and above all, enjoyment.  The typical day begins with reading for pleasure as soon as our children enter their classrooms and ends with a daily reading aloud session.  In addition we focus on daily reading sessions with quality first teaching to embed essential comprehension skills across a range of texts and genres.  Children have access to a stimulating online reading software (Reading Plus) where all the key skills are further developed and enhanced.  Reading consists of the following areas:

  • Word reading
  • Vocabulary and Language
  • Inference

By the end of Key Stage 2 our children have been taught to:

  • Locate, retrieve and record key information
  • Summarise main ideas from texts
  • Explain meanings of new words in context
  • Make inferences from their readings, justifying their conclusions with evidence from the texts
  • Make predictions based on explicit and implicit details from texts
  • Make comparisons within and between texts


Reading is high priority and every opportunity is given to encourage and celebrate successes. Daily dedicated independent reading time, well equipped class libraries, two purpose built libraries, reading competitions, World Book Day celebrations, themed reading weeks, book clubs and Shakespearean drama, are just some of the activities which inspire a deep love of reading and writing in our children. We believe our families play a vital role in developing reading for pleasure and through our home-school communications and Reading Record scheme our children are encouraged to read by the whole community. They leave Berrymede equipped with the necessary reading and comprehension skills they need to be successful in the next phase of their education.

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