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Music at Berrymede

We aim to teach a diverse, practical focused and ambitious music curriculum that not only explores the national curriculum in great depth but transcends it.  At Berrymede we feel the best way to develop musicality is through practical, instrument focused learning. Our learning takes a uniquely methodical and meticulous route through the early stages of developing technical ability and voice on an instrument.  Through this means, a child will be exposed to all the important training a young musician needs to fully prepare them for the next stage in their musical education as well as developing essential life skills.


Instrument development

Children will be taught recorders in lower school and develop their keyboard skills in years 5 and 6. This will give them time to explore technique, fluency, control, rhythm and listening skills methodically and progressively throughout their time at Berrymede.

Listening and analysis

Children will train their ear as well as develop a vocabulary based around the 7 elements of music in order to explain, analyze and express thoughts on live and recorded music.


Students will combine their knowledge of notation and graphic scores with their technical ability and experience of an instrument to express themselves creatively in a wide range of composition tasks. They will also use the 7 elements of music to help them make music.


Children will experience performing in a wide range of settings and situations including large group, small group, duet and solo performances, in class, during assemblies and in assessment style situations. They will learn to present and conduct themselves with elements of professionalism.


Children will sing in large and small ensembles and learn to sing a part in a song with more than one part.

Music history

Children will learn about contrasting styles of music and artists that represent them as well as discuss connections and impacts they have had on music and the wider world.


Leaving Berrymede children should:

  • Have an ability to play at least 2 instruments
  • Be able to sing parts within an ensemble
  • Have developed music notation reading skills
  • Be able to analyse music by using vocabulary based around the 7 elements of music
  • Have had experience performing in a wide range of settings and know how to conduct themselves professionally
  • Be able to express their own creativity through a range of composition outlets.
  • Have a knowledge of music history and its links and effects
  • Have developed rhythm skills
  • Have developed a strong music ear and be able to listen with attention to detail and focus
  • Have enhanced fine motor skills and coordination

Have developed team working and social abilities

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