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More Able, Gifted & Talented at Berrymede

At Berrymede we aim to provide the best possible education the development of a growth mind-set to further enhance the learning experiences of all our MAG&T pupils. Our planning and teaching is led by the interests of the children because we understand the importance of children feeling excited, engaged and encouraged throughout their learning journey.


We embrace a pedagogy of ‘Personalised Learning’; an approach which expects all MAG&T pupils to continue to exceed national expectations and become lifelong learners. There is an expectation of participation, fulfilment and success. Therefore, teaching and learning is characterised by ambitious objectives, challenging personal targets, and independent learning. Education visits form an integral part of each child’s education; therefore, our MAG&T students are given opportunities to attend exciting and relevant trips in order to make links across their learning journey, explore the world around them, enhance their social skills and gain confidence.


The quality and breadth of work seen in our MAG&T pupils’ books, learning logs and the delivery of the termly lessons that they deliver to their peers.  Our termly and end of year assessments demonstrate that our MAG&T pupils are continuing to work towards beyond the expected standards at greater depth. We want our MAG&T students to be passionate about learning, and to understand and know how to take care of the wonders of the natural world around them. We aim to achieve this through the implementation of the Harmony curriculum as this gives children the ability to think for themselves, be resilient, gain the courage to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the world.

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