Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club programme involves a PhD researcher from a leading university being placed in our school to deliver a course of university-style tutorials to small groups of Year 6 pupils. Its aim is to encourage children to aspire to UKs top universities and instill in them that they too can get there if they work hard. This year, The Brilliant Club launch took place at the University of Sussex - here the children got to experience first hand what student life was like. Our chosen topic is 'Poverty' and Anna, our PhD researcher, has been coming in to talk to the club members. The children have been working really hard on their assignment and are due to finish it over the next couple of weeks. We are hoping that the graduation trip (to take place sometime in January) will be at Oxford University!

Brilliant Club - Essay writing celebrations at Kings College London.
24 Jan 2015

The Brilliant club members celebrated their essay writing achievements at Kings College London on 24th January 2015.  It was a fun packed Saturday morning where everyone received their certificates.  Some members of the team achieved an award of distinction for their essays.  Well

The Brilliant Club - We've graduated! (Oxford University February 2014)
24 Feb 2014

Orestis' recount

Finally, we were going to get our grades! I really couldn't wait. I picked up my bag and ran to school. We then entered a mini-bus and set off for Oxford University - in about 2 hours we arrived.

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