Able and Talented Club

The Able and Talented cohort is made up of pupils who are currently attaining higher grades than their peers in accademic subject areas from year 3 to year 6.  Pupils who are particularly good or outstanding in Sports, Music and Art are also part of the Able and Talented group. From time to time these children will get to attend special events and will be given specific topics to complete in school.

MAG&T in a Healthy life style Q&A event.
12 Jun 2014

Some of the members of the MAG&T (More Able Gifted and Talented) group took part in a Healthy life style Q&A event. The event was hosted at Berrymede Junior School with guest on the panel from the MEND Programme, Danone, Oral Health and the School Health Advisory centre.

Able and Talented Club in Schools Quiz
07 Apr 2014

Four of our A&T children participated in the Final Round of the 'All Ealing Primary Schools Quiz'. This event was hosted by Ellen Wilkinson High School. The pupils in the A&T club had to pass the first stage of the quiz by answering a variety of Science based questions.

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