Year 6

Class 6J Mr Jeffs

6J have settled well and are already working hard across the curriculum.
The class has been studying a book about a refugee girl called Lisa. It’s is about how she escapes from persecution in Austria and starts a new life in London.

Class 6M Miss Mangat

Welcome to 6M. In 6M we ensure we have the right enthusiasm and drive to meet what we set out to achieve. We value collaborative learning, mutual respect, honesty, commitment and helping others. We have enjoyed learning about World War 2 in our history topic and reading Willesden Lane which tells the story of a WW2 refugee. We look forward to learning about so many more exciting things and celebrating our hard work.

Class 6O Mr Phillips

We are 6O! we are molding a new family in year 6. We are a creative, intelligent and respectful team who love to challenge ourselves.
We have been mentoring others whilst learning long division, reflecting thoughtfully on the challenging realities of WW2 in literacy and history and learning about the wonderful intricacies of the human body in science. We cannot wait to continue to grow throughout the year as we realize our full potential.

Class 6Y Miss A Young

In 6Y we always try our best. We are 22 wonderfully bright, creative and enthusiastic children. Although we are each different and unique, we use each other’s qualities to help us all achieve our full potential. We never give up and always try our best to create a kind and caring environment for our learning. We do our best to be respectful to one another at all times as we want our class to be a fun, engaging and safe environment for us all.