Year 4

Class 4C Mr Craze

Welcome to 4C. We have a strong focus on teamwork, respect and helping others. We like to work extremely hard in all of our lessons and will be showing off our brilliant Art work on Class Dojo.

Class 4D Miss Deely

In 4D we have started the year off energetically working on improving academically, mentally and physically, whilst enjoying the extracurricular aspects such as health, well-being, circle time and Irish dancing.

Class 4O Mr Phillips

Welcome to 4O. We love our reading! We like to use our initiative, we have been exploring animal habitats are now self-proclaimed wildlife experts; we now know how to read coordinates use a map to get around; our French vocabulary is widening.

Class 4P Ms Palmer

Welcome to 4P, a class of highly motivated children ready to take on the new experiences that Year 4 has to offer – the luckiest Year group as we go swimming as well as attend many other clubs.